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05 February 2013

Preparing for AP Physics 1: Summer Institutes, and a forthcoming 5 Steps book

Folks, the AP Physics 1 and 2 exams will be given for the first time in May 2015.  Right now we're all still learning about the new exams, but I will be headed to a consultants' powwow in Chicago in mid-April for the purpose of preparing me to dedicate of my two AP Summer Institutes to Physics 1-2.  I'm not going to post much about AP Physics 1-2 until then, because I want to wait to hear the gospel from the horse's mouth.*

* if horses feature in gospels, I guess... not sure 'bout that metaphor.

Yes, I will be writing a new 5 Steps book for AP Physics 1.  That's my primary job this summer.  (Please, please, come visit Woodberry to distract me from a long summer of writing!)  My assumption is that this book will be released in fall 2014, just in time for the inaugural year of Physics 1.

And if you'd like to attend one of my institutes, these will be 

* At North Carolina State University in Raleigh, July 15-19 2013
* At Manhattan College in the Bronx, August 5-9 2013

These institutes will discuss both AP Physics B AND AP Physics 1, along with techniques of teaching advanced physics to high school students which are common to all exams and classes throughout the universe.


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