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26 April 2016

Just the facts: all of AP Physics 1

You may recall my post last year at this time, of a brief topic list for AP Physics 1.  That's been a useful document, as I've referred to it throughout the year each time we review for a major test or exam.

But with a week to go before the actual AP exam, I'm bombarded with more requests for a more detailed summary.  So here you go.  

I don't use a textbook in my classes.  Instead, I hand out fact sheets giving just the basics of each topic.  I expect my students to memorize the information on the fact sheets over the course of the year; importantly, my students know that they should NOT memorize anything else!  Success in physics, and on the AP exam, consists of applying these facts to new and interesting problems.

Anyone may use my fact sheet -- I'd love it if you'd cite the source, but that's not even that big a deal.  After all, these are simply facts of physics.  If facts of physics aren't public domain, I don't know what is.  :-)

Fact sheet link via google docs here:  AP PHYSICS 1 FACT SHEET

(Anyone, teacher or student, who can't open this for some reason: just email me, and I'll send a copy.)

If I've left something out, or if you'd like to argue about phraseology, please post in the comments.



  1. This is great, Greg! Thanks so much for sharing!


  2. This is an awesome resource for my students. Much appreciated.

  3. Just out of curiosity, are the topics listed in any particular order?

  4. No, not really. I just did a manual file merge of all my individual topic fact sheets.

  5. This is helpful, but do you have something similar for AP Physics 2 as well? I am currently taking both. Thanks for the assistance.

    -Current Physics 1 and 2 student

  6. Sorry, I only have the Physics 1 version. I've developed the fact sheet over two years of teaching the course; I ended up not teaching P2. So, does anyone have a Physics 2 fact sheet to share? If not, then those of you who teach P2, please consider starting one next year as you're teaching it!

  7. Thank you so much for sharing this. I also appreciate the time you've taken to do the AP YouTube videos for the past month and a half. They've really helped me get a second insight and given me so much more confidence coming into the AP test.

    -2020 AP Physics 1 Student

  8. I really understood physics better after you did the AP youtube videos, I am really thankful for that and this fact sheet. Thank you for being a really good teacher.

    -2020 AP Physics 1 student

  9. This was super helpful! Thanks for being an amazing teacher!

  10. Thank you so much for everything you're doing for us physics students! Really appreciate it.

  11. Thank you for doing the live AP videos this year. They were super helpful and I would've been at a loss for how to linearize a graph on my test without you :)
    -2020 AP Physics student

  12. I'm not sure if anybody has done this yet, but I went ahead and reorganized the fact sheet according to the Collegeboard Units. Thank you for the awesome resources!