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03 December 2012

Physics Fights at the Global Physics Department: Wednesday Dec. 5 2012

If you're free this Wednesday night Dec. 5, stop by online at the Global Physics Department.  I presented to the "department"'s weekly meeting back in June.  About 50 people from around the world joined in to see quantitative equilibrium demonstrations.

On Wednesday night at 9:30 PM Eastern time, my students Vinh Hoang and Michael Bauer will be holding a physics fight.  Mr. Hoang will present his 10-minute powerpoint solution to the question "Why do all candles have about the same brightness" - this was one of the problems at the 2012 US Invitational Young Physicists Tournament.   Then, Mr. Bauer will lead a discussion of Mr. Hoang's solution, challenging him to explain each aspect of his research, searching for the truth in the same way that scientists from competing research groups might grill each other at a conference.

You are invited to watch the festivities on Wednesday night.  Just enter the GPD chat room and enjoy.  I think you will love the pedagogy and collaborative yet competitive spirit of the physics fight.


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