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14 December 2012

Do you want a set of handwritten solutions to Tipler volume 4?

I'm cleaning out my office in preparation for the move to the new Manning Science Building.  I'm excited -- the science department is being released from the dungeon and paroled to the palace.  

I'm throwing away a large collection of Physics Today and The Physics Teacher.  I'm throwing away an enormous collection of American Journal of Physics.  Thing is, I can get all of these online, now, and I don't have the shelf space in my new office to waste on hard copy.

One of the few things I can't bring myself to toss is a thick binder with my solutions to many Tipler volume 4 problems.  (This is a widely-used edition of a terrific calculus-based physics text.)  Anyone want this binder? Send me an email with your address, and it's yours.


Edit:  Claimed by Staci Babykin.  

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