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11 May 2012

Which textbooks or materials should I order for my summer institutes?

I'm running four summer institutes this year: this post gives dates and locations.  

My AP summer institutes generally provide four important resources for teachers.  (Beyond the classroom discussions and demonstrations, that is -- I'm talking resources teachers can take home with them afterwards.)  These are:

1.  The official College Board workshop handbook, which includes a recent released exam, the course description, grading rubrics and samples from a recent exam, and other supplementary materials

2. My pack of handouts, including all sorts of class exercises, assignments, teaching ideas, etc.... sort of like a hard copy sample of the types of things I talk about in this blog.

3. A CD-ROM with file upon file... these files include
   a. all old free response AP exams, both B and C, since 1979, in MS Word, ready to print with space for student answers, rubrics included;

    b. My assignments from a year's worth of AP, honors, and regular classes

    c. My quizzes and tests from a year's worth of AP, honors, and regular classes

4. Textbooks and supplementary materials from commercial publishers

I'm interested in input about these resources, especially #4.  Usually I get two textbooks and a 5 Steps book.  But what are youall interested in?  Especially if you (or a colleague) plans to attend, is there a specific text you'd like to sample?  Some auxiliary material I'm not aware of that might be useful?  

Remember, publishers give these materials to attendees as advertising.  They *want* to show you their wares, in the hope that you'll recommend them at the next textbook adoption, or when students head to college.  So, if you have something you'd like to try out, or something that was particularly useful that you think others would benefit from, please let me know.  I'm going to attempt to order materials next week.

Of course, if there's something you'd suggest I include on the CD or in the packet, tell me that, too.  (Someday soon -- maybe in summer 2013 or 2014 -- I should do a non-AP institute, and just focus on my honors, regular, and conceptual classes.  Even at the AP institute, it's beneficial to talk about ideas for lower levels of physics teaching.  So don't be bashful with requests.)

Post a comment!  Let me know what you're interested in.


1 comment:

  1. The CD with files is always really useful (in fact, I lost all my old AP exam files earlier this year and nearly cried).

    One idea for reference materials: lab manuals. Personally, I have tons of textbooks from my own collection (which are also beneficial), but good ideas are sometimes hard to find--especially in your first years.