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13 May 2012

Want me to write or grade your final exam?

I have the Woodberry Forest Honors Physics exam prepared.  Tomorrow at 12:15, about two-thirds of my students are taking the AP Physics B exam; the rest are taking this Honors Physics exam.  Our freshman honors students are taking this exam during their official end-of-course exam in two weeks.

Would you like to use this exam?  The topics covered are listed in this post, and encompass about 60% of the AP Physics B curriculum.  Some of the questions are based on old AP exam problems, so don't be surprised if something looks familiar.  Even if you haven't covered absolutely topic on the list, I'd say, give this exam anyway, and see what happens.  Are you teaching AP Physics B, and you're required to give a year-end exam?  Try this one.  

I am happy to send you a PDF copy of the exam, for you to make copies for your students.  I ask only that you don't forward the file to anyone, and that you collect and keep the exams after administration -- please don't let the students keep their exams.

In fact, since this is the first year I've taught the Honors course, I'm willing even to grade your class's exams.  Send 'em to me, I'll grade them to the official rubric, and I'll send 'em back.  You can then assign grades however you want.  Or, I'm happy to send you a PDF copy of the rubric for you to grade them yourself.  



  1. Just out of curiosity, I would like to take a look at this exam/rubric. Just finished up my first year teaching Honors/APB. I assume you will post about the outcome of this exam? (Or have you already...I am new to your blog)

    Jessie Campbell (Atlanta, GA)

  2. If this offer is still good, I would like a copy. I will be teaching Honors Physics again next year and I am looking for new material.
    Thank you!

    Cathy Carpenter