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02 June 2020

Where I stand, and why I focus on physics

I'm finding it hard sometimes to think about physics while the country burns... when my saying "I am anti-fascist" has somehow become a controversial and provocative statement rather than the social norm I assumed all my life... when I have students and colleagues who need support.  I suspect I'm not the only one having trouble.  

Yet... physics has been the primary way I've connected with the very people who need support right now.  Teaching physics, reading physics exams, working with physics teachers, is what I do, is what I've done since 1996.  It's the way I have made connections with all sorts of people.  It's a way I contribute to the worldwide community of physics teachers and students.  

I'm going to be professional and focused on the AP Physics reading for the next two weeks.  And then on my summer institutes - conceptual and AP - for the six weeks beyond that.  I'll probably post a bit about physics and physics teaching throughout the summer, as I always do.

I just don't want you to think that my laser focus means that I don't know or care about the world beyond AP Physics.  I know and care.  I stand against fascism, against state-sanctioned violence directed toward peaceful people.  And I know that you do, too.  Stay safe.

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