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30 January 2018

US Invitational Young Physicists Tournament 2018 results and 11-year participation

A big thank you to Randolph College in Lynchburg, Virginia for hosting the 11th annual US Invitational Young Physicists Tournament.  This past Saturday and Sunday, a record fifteen teams competed in physics fights over four problems involving:

     * measurement of the moon's orbit
     * electromagnetically coupled oscillators
     * blackbody radiation laws applied to light bulbs
     * projectile motion in air

This year's winners, in their third visit to the tournament: Phillips Exeter Academy of New Hampshire, led by physics teacher Scott Saltman.

In second place was The Harker School of California, led by Mark Brada and Miriam Allersma.

The winner of the Swartz Poster Session was Shenzhen Middle School, led by Chen Shaorui.

The overall order of finish is below.  Our rules state that a number of places are shared by similar teams.  The ** means that this team won the prestigious Bibilashvili Award for outstanding physics.  It is awarded to teams with superior physics understanding, irrespective of their placement, at the tournament director's discretion.

     Phillips Exeter Academy**

Second place:
     The Harker School**

Third place:
     Rye Country Day School**
     Cary Academy**
     Yorba Linda High School**

Fourth Place:
     High School affiliated with Renmin University, China

Fifth Place:
     Shenzhen Middle School**

Sixth Place with Bibilashvili Medal:
     Woodberry Forest School**
     Nueva School**

Sixth Place:
     Pioneer School of Ariana
     Qingdao No.2 High School
     Vanke Meisha Academy
     Princeton International School of Science & Mathematics
     Spartanburg Day School
     York Country Day School

And scroll down to find the list of all teams who have participated in the USIYPT since its inception in 2007.

Next year's tournament will be January 26-27 at Rye Country Day School in New York.  If you'd like to come as a juror - or if you'd like to bring a team from your school - please email me.  More information about our tournament is available on the official website,

Participating USIYPT schools in the 11 tournaments since 2007:
The Harker School, California – 9 tournaments, 3 championships
Rye Country Day School, New York – 11 tournaments, 2 championships
Shenzhen Middle School, China – 7 tournaments, 2 championships
Woodberry Forest School, Virginia – 11 tournaments, 1 championship
Phillips Exeter Academy, New Hampshire – 3 tournaments, 1 championship
Brisbane Girls Grammar School, Australia – 2 tournaments, 1 championship
Raffles Institution, Singapore – 1 tournament, 1 championship
Pioneer School of Ariana, Tunisia – 6 tournaments
Nanjing Foreign Language School, China – 5 tournaments
Princeton International School of Science and Mathematics, New Jersey – 4 tournaments
High School affiliated with Renmin University, China – 4 tournaments
Cary Academy, North Carolina – 3 tournaments
Phoenixville Area High School, Pennsylvania – 3 tournaments
Wildwood School, California – 3 tournaments
Oak Ridge High School, Tennessee – 2 tournaments
North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics– 2 tournaments
Oregon Episcopal School – 2 tournaments
Vistamar School, California – 2 tournaments
Guilderland High School, New York – 2 tournaments
Qingdao No. 2 High School, China – 2 tournaments
Vanke Meisha Academy, China – 2 tournaments
High School of Jur Hronec, Slovak Republic – 1 tournament
Calverton School, Maryland – 1 tournament
Madeira School, Virginia – 1 tournament
Pioneer School of Manzeh 8, Tunisia – 1 tournament
Georgian English-Spanish School, Tbilisi – 1 tournament
The Nueva School, California - 1 tournament
Spartanburg Day School, South Carolina - 1 tournament

Participants, team leaders, and jurors at the 2018 USIYPT at Randolph College

1 comment:

  1. This was my first time as a juror for the tournament, and I loved it. You can definitely sign me up for next year's tournament in New York. I strongly encourage anybody else who is considering judging one of these tournaments to just take the plunge and do it. You'll meet some of the best physics teachers and best physics students in the entire world. What an amazing experience it was!