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09 July 2015

Open Lab 2015 -- Last Call

The Manning Family Science Building, site of the Open Lab
This year's Open Lab will run Sunday to Tuesday, July 19-21, at Woodberry Forest School. Participants have requested things to do such as:

* discuss materials and laboratory ideas for conceptual physics; 

* do quantitative demonstrations and experiments with waves;

* show some options for computer simulations beyond the typical Phet; 

* set up each of the five AP Physics 1 free response problems experimentally while brainstorming short- and long-form lab exercises -- for all levels of physics class -- with these problems.

My goal is to do all these things and more, with the opportunity to improvise further with whatever equipment we have in the storeroom or the hardware store.  

The best part of any gathering of physics teachers is the shop talk and sharing.  To that end, on the first night the Woodberry Forest science department is providing dinner at my house.  Everyone's welcome; I just need to know soon if you'd like to come.  Send me an email, and I'll get you on the list.

Festivities start around 4:00 (pm, of course) on Sunday afternoon in my classroom, followed by dinner around 6:30.  Monday we'll work 8:30-4:00 or so; Tuesday we'll be done at noon.  Feel free to attend for all or part of this time.  No fees, no hassle; an email telling me your plans is the complete registration process.  You'll need to find a place to stay... I recommend the Holiday Inn Express in Orange.  Several folks will also be staying at the Doubletree in Charlottesville and carpooling up.


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