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09 March 2015

Video Documentary: The US Invitational Young Physicists Tournament

Woodberry Forest's second place 2015 Physics Team
Woodberry Forest School hosted the US Invitational Young Physicists Tournament in January 2015. The school hired Kirby Martin to make a documentary video.  The documentary focuses on Woodberry's team and our research program; it also discusses the structure and benefits of the USIYPT.

I encourage you to take a look here at the documentary.  If you'd like to become involved in the tournament, send me an email; you can take a look at the problems for the 2016 tournament here.  

And in the world of crazy youtube algorithms:  The first follow-up video that youtube played for me after the USIYPT documentary was four hours of footage from day 3 of an NCAA Bowling invitational tournament.  


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