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18 July 2014

Open Lab 2014 -- last call

Folks, the 2014 Open Lab begins a week from Sunday.  On July 27, at least ten physics teachers will descend upon Woodberry Forest School to discuss whatever is on your mind.  I've got plans to show and develop some in-class lab exercises, work with my new Vernier and Pasco rotational equipment, take an after-lunch trip to the hardware store to see if we can build something cheap and useful... mainly I'm looking forward to hanging out with interesting physics teachers in my classroom and around town.

If you're planning on coming, I need to know right away -- I'm leaving town for an AP Institute shortly, so I'm making nearly-final preparations.  I won't turn you away even if you show up last minute, of course.  However, you might not have a seat at our Sunday night dinner, a nametag, or a seat on the minibus.

Remember, the Open Lab itself is free; but you need to arrange your lodging (I recommend the Holiday Inn Express in Orange), and you need to be prepared to pay for a couple of meals while you're here.  We start officially at 4:00* on Sunday, and we're done officially at noon on Tuesday.  I can also be available a few hours before and after these official times.  

* 4:00 P.M, not A.M..  I'm crazy and dedicated, but not THAT crazy and dedicated.

If you can't make it in 2014, I'll likely run something similar again in 2015 if things go well this year and if there's interest.  Just let me know...


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