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09 August 2013

Picture -- Manhattan College AP Summer Institute

Eighteen folks attended the institute in the Bronx this week.  They asked for a group photo; they asked me to upload the picture to the blog.  Here it is.  We had a great time.  Thus ends this summer's professional development.

As for the next year, anyone reading this is welcome to visit me at Woodberry.  I won't be running any workshops during the school year, but I expect to run a couple of summer institutes in 2014.  Stay tuned for the schedule.

My only major travels this year -- at least as currently planned -- include Northwest Indiana the week before Christmas, and San Jose, California for the USIYPT  on Jan. 31-Feb. 1.  If you're close, plan on saying hello.

Don't worry, the blog will continue.  If you have questions or ideas for a post, please send them along.


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