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28 July 2010

An AP physics problem-of-the-day

AP Physics reader Craig Fletcher made me aware of, a site run by his colleague Richard White at the Polytechnic School in Pasadena.  [No, not Cal Tech, an independent high school near Cal Tech where many professors' offspring attend.]  Richard provides -- for free -- an new AP physics-style multiple choice problem each day.  He'll even deliver his problem automatically to your email inbox.  Richard bills his service as a study aid, but I think of it just as much as a teacher's aid.  Need a multiple choice question quickly for today's quiz?  Look at his site.

I browsed a bit, and while I can't vouch for every question, everything looked quite strong -- at the correct level, doable without a calculator, with reasonable language.  The only caveat I'd attach right now is that physics B and C questions are mixed together.  Nothing wrong with that at all, just be aware.  Generally multiple choice questions from unedited sources are buyer-beware.  I don't recommend using questions from the ubiquitously available College Physics tests you can find online, for example.  But Richard's site seems like one I can recommend.

It's not like there's any real shortage of good AP-style problems out in the online universe.  But, any further suggestions, please send them along, and I'll point readers in that direction.


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