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16 June 2009

Just so you know I haven't disappeared

Yeah, I haven't posted in nine days. I've been reading a thousand AP exams every day, and that takes a lot out of the ol' brain, thank you very much. I'm grading problem B2, the one about two hanging point charges. I'm seeing electric field lines -- both correct and incorrect -- in my dreams at night.

I think of the AP reading as a physics teachers version of a fundamentalist revival. The people here are awesome teachers. Yeah, we all complain now and again (and again) about some of the stupidiy we have to deal with in educational institutions, about our colleagues who have not the first clue what does or should go on in a physics classroom. It's nice to be around people who understand and sympathize.

Obviously, kvetching isn't the only thing we do here. Mainly, we talk shop. I've written down idea after idea for future blog posts, and for my class next year. Problem is, I don't have the mental energy after a nine hour grading day to write up each post.

So today you get a bit of a preview of upcoming posts. After the reading ends this weekend, I'm going to Georgia for a week-long summer institute. I may or may not be able to post from there (though I'll get many more wonderful ideas from the critical mass of physics teachers who will congregate). Soon, though, I should be able to flesh out posts about:

* AP physics at the 9th grade honors level
* How to introduce the concept of electric field lines
* Using folders to speed and organize grading
* The importance of language and notation
* Argumements and ideas about how to teach Newton's second law
* Eddie the Electric Elephant

Don't abandon this blog. I'll be back. If there's something you want me to talk about, post a comment!


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