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26 February 2023

5 Steps to a 5 free AP Physics 1 webinar: Tuesday Mar 7 2023, and recording available

Most blog readers know that I'm the author of the 5 Steps to a 5: AP Physics 1 and AP Physics C books.  The publisher of this series, McGraw-Hill, is sponsoring a set of free live webinars.

I'm running the AP Physics 1 webinar on Tuesday March 7.  I'd love to see you and your students there!

What's going to happen in the webinar?  I'll do live demonstrations from my lab, in the style of the 2020 AP Live videos.  I haven't planned the exact set of demos yet!  If you have requests, please let me know in the comments or via email.  

This webinar will only go 60-90 minutes, and is a one-shot deal.  Thus, I can't give a truly comprehensive exam review!  My plan is to discuss the three major approaches to mechanics problems: Newton's laws/kinematics, impulse/momentum, and work/energy.  I'll plan to have a live demo or two, based on AP-style questions, to illustrate each of these approaches.

I encourage you and your students to watch live.  Yes, the webinar will be recorded, and can be accessed afterward.  But during the show, Bob will act as an MC and comment moderator.  He'll periodically bring me questions from the assembled masses.  This is your chance to ask about how the exam is graded, what activities my class does leading up to the exam, and about my pet hippopotamus Edna (who will be helping me with my demos).

How do folks access the webinar?  It's simple, though a wee bit more complicated than I'd like.  See, McGraw-Hill understandably doesn't want to be collecting student information.  So, they want teachers to register for free, using an email address, via this link.  This address will be used to send you a zoom link, which you can then forward to your students, other peoples' students, your friends, or even your pet alligator Lindsay.*  This way M-H will never see a student's email address, as is their preference.

*Really.  Students at a school in Ontario sent me a picture of Lindsay.

Did you miss the live version?  Here is a link to the recording.  Please feel free to ask me questions in the comments over here.

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