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07 May 2018

The Jacobs Physics Podcast, episode 2: 2015 AP Physics 1 Problem 3

This week's podcast discusses the first ever paragraph response problem, the one about two identical spheres landing on the ground, and why they land at the same time.

Digressions include:

* the four minute drill
* last-minute AP prep
* how your physics class already supports goals of project based learning
* how AP rubrics are developed
* what constitutes a "paragraph response"?

Click this link to listen. 

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  1. (Paraphrasing): "We decided that if they said, 'Because the balls were the same mass, they landed at the same time,' didn't rise to the level of a heresy."

    Me, wheeling in the iron maiden on a dolly: "I'm sorry, couldn't hear you over these squeaky wheels."

    You're the grader and all, but oof... Professional disagreement with you there, man. Was it at least a heresy if they went on to say, "Now, if one had been heavier, it would've landed first?"

  2. Yeah, crazy how sausage is made. So many students truly don’t understand communication of cause and effect in their writing. That’s why I wish the spheres had been of different mass. But I acknowledge the reasonability of a trip to an Iron Maiden, or at least a Brahma Bull.

    You’re right that your final statement is a heresy.