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30 March 2014

What do you want to know about AP Physics 1 and 2?

I haven't posted much the past few weeks because I've been writing the "teacher's manual" for the forthcoming 5 Steps to a 5: AP Physics 1.  I don't know how or where the teacher's manual will be published, but it includes lots of ideas, including a list of quantitative demonstrations.  I'm ready to get back into regular posting.  

On the weekend of April 11-13, I will be in Chicago for a meeting of AP Physics consultants.  There, we will hear the gospel of the new exams delivered unto us by official College Board representatives, people on the various development committees, etc.  

So, what questions do you have?  I can answer some right away.  But if you'll ask me now, I can soon ask directly to the people who are actually creating the exam.



  1. Is the new 5 Steps book available yet? I'd love to get my hands on it as well as the teacher's manual!

  2. It's in production still. It will be out this summer, hopefully earlier rather than later. I don't know anything about the production schedule for the teacher's manual. I will be sure to advertise when it's ready!