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09 January 2014

Would you like to be a juror for the 2014 US Invitational Young Physicists Tournament in San Jose?

On behalf of the US Association for Young Physicists Tournaments, I would like to extend to you an invitation to serve as a juror for our 2014 Young Physicists Tournament on Friday, January 31 and Saturday, February 1.  There, you’ll high school students from around world engaged in presenting and discussing physics research they had done in their classrooms under the guidance of their teachers.  The USIYPT is far more like a physics debate tournament than a science fair – we ask jurors to evaluate students’ ability to ask and answer questions, to engage in discussion of their undergraduate-level research.

This year, the Harker School in San Jose will again host the tournament. We are expecting as many as nine teams, from as far away as New York, China, and Tunisia, to participate. We’d like to get as many local jurors as possible for the event – physics professors, graduate students, chemists and engineers, high school physics teachers, industrial researchers; in short, anyone who knows enough physics to judge presentations by high school physics students well enough to evaluate experimental techniques and reasoning skills. This is a great opportunity to network with other local physical scientists and engineers in a fun setting. If you know anyone  in the bay area who would make a good juror -- or if you know anyone who would be willing to travel to San Jose (at their own expense) to judge -- please have that person contact me. The time commitment would be from roughly 9:00 AM to 2:30 PM on Friday and 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM on Saturday. Lunch will be provided.

If you would like to see more about this event before accepting this invitation to participate as a juror please go to our web site:

Thank you for your consideration!

Greg Jacobs, President, USAYPT

Woodberry Forest School, Virgina


  1. I have been considering this invitation for a while, but decided I can't do it. I'm already judging 2 elementary-school science fairs in the following week, and it would require getting up ridiculously early in the morning to get to Harker School before 9 a.m. by public transit. I hope that you've already found the jurors you need.

  2. Thanks for considering... we'd love to have you, but I see your point. Ridiculously early isn't everyone's cup of team. :-) Maybe some other year -- Thank you!

    We still would love to have others join us. Just let me know...