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05 May 2009

Upcoming public appearances

As the school year winds down, it's time to make summer plans. I will be running several AP summer institutes, and I will be doing a good deal of travel.

If you'd like to attend a week-long Jacobs Physics seminar (also known as an AP Summer Institute), you have two opportunities. I will be at Morehead State University in Morehead, KY from July 13-17; I will be at Manhattan College (which is NOT in Manhattan, but is in the Bronx) from July 27-31. To sign up for these College-Board sponsored sessions, go to either university's website.

I encourage you to attend the summer institutes even if you don't teach AP physics, or if you have seen someone else's AP institute. Over the week-long course, I emphasize quantitative use of demonstrations by SHOWING you how I do and use these demos. I discuss the "Less is More" approach to physics teaching. You will get my library of assignments -- quizzes, tests, and homework -- on disc, along with the opportunity to discuss their use.

I will be traveling a bit during the rest of the summer, including to the AP reading in June. Although I am only giving two formal summer institutes, I offer my services at other times. If you would like me to talk physics teaching with you and/or your colleagues, I'll be happy to. If you want a formal seminar, I can negotiate fees with the sponsoring organization.

However, if you want just an informal discussion for an hour or two, I will do that in exchange for all the pizza I can eat at the most lowbrow pizza joint near you. (Pictured is Big Ed's Pizza in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, which is up with Langel's of Highland, Indiana on my favorites list.) Please let me know if you're interested!


June 8-18, Fort Collins, CO

June 20-22 or so, Pittsburgh, PA, and perhaps southern Ohio

July 13-18, Morehead, KY

July 27-31, New York, NY

August 10-24, San Francisco, CA (with a stop in Yosemite)

All the rest of the time I'm in Woodberry Forest, VA, which is between Charlottesville and Washington.

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